Skateboards & Ski Rope

How NOT to Cross a Ditch with a 3-Year-Old

By Cliff Springs

Okay, okay okay.  You can probably already guess by the title that this isn’t going to turn out well.  I have two season tickets to the University of South Carolina Gamecocks basketball games.  The best thing about having these tickets is that the past three seasons, I’ve been able to alternate taking my kids with me. … »

The Serial Killer Next Door

By Cliff Springs

Let me go ahead and admit up front that I have always had a teeny, tiny, wee bit of a sadistic streak.  More often than not, it resulted in nothing more harmful than a split-second moment of absolute fear-of-impending-death terror for the target of my shenanigans.  I know that’s not much of a defense, but… »

Mrs. Smith, Fruit Juice, and the Gasoline Weed

By Cliff Springs

I have mentioned in several previous postings about how I was quite adept at getting by in school, making pretty decent grades, and doing very little.  I elevated making the honor roll without effort to an art form.  As an adult, I’m not proud of this.  Well, okay, I’m a little proud—but only from a… »

Eaten by a Ping Pong Table

By Cliff Springs

Elementary school was a tough time for me.  Not scholastically—I was quite smart.  No, the tough part was the physical toll life took on my little boy body.  I’ve previously referenced my four broken arms during first through fifth grade.    In first grade, I was hanging from a board that my brother and Brian… »

Brian Carter, a Skateboard and a Ski Rope

By Cliff Springs

It’s only fitting to begin this section with the title story.  It’s not even close to the best story I have to tell, but it definitely made for a nice title.  So, here goes… It was late spring in 1981, near the end of my fifth-grade year.  Brian Carter was my best friend.  Now pardon… »

Dang TV

Simpsons Quote of the Day

“Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals … except the weasel.” — Homer Simpson

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