Life is Beautiful

I’m Glad I’m Not a Woman

By Cliff Springs

No, this isn’t a controversial commentary about the battle of the sexes.  It’ s not macho bravado (in fact, quite the opposite as you’ll read momentarily).  It’s simply my appreciation for what women must endure on a periodic basis. About a month ago, I discovered the beginnings of one of those under-the-skin pimples on the right side… »

Abortion Laws Don’t Add Up

By Cliff Springs

Men and women are not equal.  I think it’s high time everyone stops the politically correct pandering to women and just admit the truth.  Women are helpless, indecisive, and irrational, and should therefore not be held accountable for their actions.  Lest you think I’m crazy, or merely arrogantly chauvinistic, let me assure you I am… »

Dang Write! debuts

By Cliff Springs

April 18, 2009 marks the official debut of Dang Write!  In recent years, but particularly since the political shift of 2006, I have had conversation after conversation with fellow conservatives dissatisfied with the political direction of our country–this includes disappointment with many Republicans and other “conservatives” who seem to have abandoned the core principles that… »

Dang TV

Simpsons Quote of the Day

(To a wolf): “Will you be my mommy? You smell like dead bunnies…” — Ralph Wiggum

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