Our Mission

After much thought and prayer, I began this blog for a variety of reasons–the most important of which is my belief in the need for a return to the conservative principles of life and liberty that have made this country great. The second of which is my wife who knew of my beliefs and my desire to write more-she nagged me until I said okay.

My goals are simple in description; perhaps less so in practicality. I want to see leaders (not just political) stand up and profess faith in God and personal responsibility. I want to see elected officials do what they say they’ll do, but who are intelligent and reasonable enough to debate their opponents without the vitriol that has regulated politics to a public relations game of competing sound bites and constant one-upsmanship.

I want to see Christians work together to elect conservative leaders and stand their ground on important issues, but only if they can do so while making sure the love of Christ is the most prominent display of emotion. I want to see and hear from conservative leaders who can articulate the eternal truths of life in a common-sense manner without coming across as hateful or bigoted. I want to see the racial divide closing-in politics, in communities, and in churches.

And I want to see the things we agree on uniting us rather than the things we disagree on dividing us.

Lest any of you conservatives out there believe that I’m hoping for a watered-down, Kum Ba Yah, can’t-we-all-get-along, lukewarm type of philosophy, then you may need to go back and reread the previous statements. I’m a committed conservative through and through, but it has become clear to me that a different type of discussion and debate needs to be taking place in order for things to improve.

Although I want to express myself and encourage debate and discussions on this site, I’m not looking to make enemies-in fact, quite the opposite. I’m looking to motivate, enlighten, and learn. I want to discuss issues without vilifying one another. I vow to be honest and up front in hopes of getting past facades and posturing so that conversations can be productive and not “political”. And I hope that if you do disagree with me, we can still respect each others’ honesty enough to know that we don’t have to agree on everything in order to be friends (or at least friendly). I will also willingly acknowledge that I’m wrong if I encounter truth that requires me to rethink a position or belief.

I often get a kick out of meeting left-leaning folks who discover that I–a thoroughly conservative, Southern Baptist, Republican–am not evil, do not want poor people to starve, and do not universally categorize or pre-judge people based on race, religion, or sexual identity. Through the types of conversations I would like to see here, they actually find that my beliefs have a foundation that is not based on hatred, wealth, or oppression. It’s been a bit harder to convince them that I’m not nearly as unique in that regard as they may think. One step at a time. The great thing is that we often find we agree on more than we would’ve initially assumed.

And that kind of brings me to the second key point: I want to try to focus on principles more so than policy. Although I do profess to be a rather bright individual, there are many subjects with many details that I do not have a thorough knowledge or understanding of-and most likely you do not either-to be able to discuss them from a policy standpoint (such as healthcare reform or macro economic policy). The answers to many incredibly complex, intertwined issues involved in either of these subjects are most likely beyond the scope of knowledge of anyone not intimately involved in those industries and their mechanisms on a national scale. Therefore, I would prefer that we focus on the principles behind issues and try to avoid lengthy debates on policies that few of us grasp in their entirety. We may find that we agree on a great many issues, but disagree on how to tackle them. At the very least, there’s common ground there, and hopefully a starting point to moving forward together as Americans (now, key the music… Kum Ba Yah, my Lord).


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