Abortion Laws Don’t Add Up

By Cliff Springs

Men and women are not equal. 

I think it’s high time everyone stops the politically correct pandering to women and just admit the truth.  Women are helpless, indecisive, and irrational, and should therefore not be held accountable for their actions.  Lest you think I’m crazy, or merely arrogantly chauvinistic, let me assure you I am neither.  The rationale for this belief has been planted and nurtured for most of my life, and I am merely responding to what I have been taught.  But who could have taught me such disdain for women?

The law, of course.  Roe vs. Wade is a ringing endorsement for female inferiority.

Why do women need abortions (for the sake of clarity, I’ll exclude from this discussion abortions from rape, incest, or risk to the mother’s life)?   So they can change their minds.  Aren’t we regularly reminded in relationships and romantic comedies at the movie theater that it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?  It’s funny, it’s endearing, it’s part of who they are.  Right?

Wait a second.  Aren’t men and women equal?

As the law stands, men must make up their minds the moment they choose to have sex.  After intercourse, a man loses his right to change his mind.  He is bound by his CHOICE.

That doesn’t add up.  Aren’t women intelligent enough to decide their willingness to risk pregnancy at that very same moment as the man?  Considering that women are granted a 3-month pregnancy window in which to “choose” whether or not to remain pregnant, are we to assume then that men are so clearly superior that we can make up our minds a full 90 days faster than women?

Some pro-abortion advocates will claim the difference lies in the fact that a woman carries the baby inside her body for nine months.  Nine months?!  A man is financially obligated by his decision for a minimum of 18 years.  So a man must have clairvoyance enough to decide the next 18 years of his life, his career, his financial prosperity, etc., yet a woman shouldn’t even be bound by her decision for a mere nine months.  You call that equality?

To all women who support abortion rights, I hope you will gladly accept my condescension as the law says you are an inferior human being incapable of wise decisions.  Women everywhere should consider it an insult when men defend your right to “choose”–because they obviously consider you incapable of getting the decision right the first time. 

To those who demand the continued legalization of abortion, logic dictates you must also adhere to one of two other paths of legal doctrine:

1)  Acknowledge female inferiority and apply similar criteria to other life situations–i.e. accept less pay for “equal” work: gladly accept wise counsel from your superior, clairvoyant husbands; and recuse yourself and other women from the political process because your interpretation of what’s best for this country is limited to a mere nine months (in which time you may end up changing your mind anyway).


2)  Acknowledge the inequity of the law, and lobby vehemently for financial “abortions” for men.  After all, isn’t the politically expedient term for pro-abortion “pro-CHOICE”.  Give men the same “choice”.  Give them the ability to opt out of a decision made in a moment of passion.

Aren’t we men regularly mocked for making decisions with the wrong brain?  Then for Heaven’s sake, cut us some slack!  Those suckers do have a mind of their own, and I have yet to know of one that’s particularly smart.  Therefore, release men of all financial obligations related to the resulting child—it’s the only fair thing to do.  We could also purge many a “deadbeat dad” from the overcrowded jails and court systems. Men could simply choose to “abort” their responsibilities and be scot-free.  THEN men and women would truly be equal. 

Now, how many of you pro-“choice” advocates are appalled at such a suggestion? 

Obviously, neither option is the answer.  I’ve written this rant with tongue firmly planted in cheek in order to make my point.  It’ll be a cold day in the hottest of places before Option 1 would stand a chance of being accepted.  Option 2 would simply result in complete child-raising anarchy.  Men everywhere (as “pro-choice” women have done) would bail out of their responsibilities until things got so bad that people started to wake up and realize the fragile foundation upon which the future had been laid.  If the prospect of male “abortions” is so clearly inadvisable, why can’t people see the direction female abortions have already taken us.  We vilify “deadbeat dads” for not owning up to their responsibilities, yet we legalized dead babies so that women could do the same.

I regularly make the case to people that they need to evaluate their belief system.  If you discover that two of your beliefs contradict each other, then at least one of them is wrong.  The same applies here.  Abortion laws don’t add up.  As it stands, either women are inferior or the law is unjust (at best).  If I were a woman, I would stand up and demand equal respect, equal choice, and equal responsibility.  Anything less, acknowledges inferiority.  It’s your “choice.”

As the law stands, I’m glad I’m a man.  It’s good to be superior.


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