Dang Write! debuts

By Cliff Springs

April 18, 2009 marks the official debut of Dang Write!  In recent years, but particularly since the political shift of 2006, I have had conversation after conversation with fellow conservatives dissatisfied with the political direction of our country–this includes disappointment with many Republicans and other “conservatives” who seem to have abandoned the core principles that made this country the unique melting pot of spirited humanity that it is. 

Time after time, a conversation would be punctuated with “Dang right!” or a less appropriate alternative.  So many of us agree on the majority of these core principles, but so seldomly see or hear them articulated properly.  We are derided as stupid, simple, hateful, or prejudiced.  None of those words describe any of my friends, and I doubt they describe you accurately either.

It is with this in mind that Dang Write has been launched.  We seek to define and defend our common values, but not with fire or vitriol.  Truth should not require venom to succeed. On the contrary, conservative values endure because they’re true, because they make sense, and because they’re Divine.  Let’s have productive conversations without the anger–never forsaking truth, but seeking the common ground of our values before deviating into the distractions of political policy. Please take a moment to read the Our Mission section and the About the Sections overview to get a better understanding of our goals and the topics we’ll discuss.

If we do our job correctly here, hopefully many of you will conclude an article or post with your own exclamation of “Dang right!”


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