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The Real Divide

By Cliff Springs

Satan is a master of deception.

As a Christian, I believe wholeheartedly in the existence of Satan and his daily efforts to draw mankind away from the love and truth of God.  It is in this light that I can’t help but draw some conclusions about the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman tragedy.  First and foremost, this was a tragedy, but the legalities of the case are not the focus of my assertions here.

I want to talk about truth.  Since the beginning of time, Satan has known that the greatest opportunity to divide and conquer mankind begins–no, not with race, religion, ethnicity, or gender–but with the family.  No other institution possesses the power, love, and intimacy needed to disciple the truth of God’s love.  But even if you’re not a Believer, only ignorance would deny that the foundation of morality, values, and ethics begin within the home.  If Satan can undermine that foundation, he can undermine the support system that is so essential to self-esteem and so essential to having healthy relationships in every facet of life. (more)

I’m Glad I’m Not a Woman

By Cliff Springs

No, this isn’t a controversial commentary about the battle of the sexes.  It’ s not macho bravado (in fact, quite the opposite as you’ll read momentarily).  It’s simply my appreciation for what women must endure on a periodic basis.

About a month ago, I discovered the beginnings of one of those under-the-skin pimples on the right side of my chest.  It’s amazing that at the age of 40, pimples are still a part of life.  Where’s the Oxy 10 when you need it?  As I was feeling the irritated area, I discovered a hard little bean-sized knot about an inch below.  At first, I speculated that the knot was possibly an inflamed lymph node due to the growing blemish nearby.  I called my doctor friend to get his take on my self-prognosis, and he indicated that a swollen lymph node was not out of the question.  That was good enough for me.  I figured I’d wait it out.

Several days later, the pimple was gone, but the lump remained.  It wasn’t sore to the touch and hadn’t changed in size that I was aware of.  It would be easy to dismiss this as nothing if it were not for one important factoid:  my family has some pretty wicked history with breast cancer.


Monkey Found Me

By Cliff Springs

I have always been a “dog” person.  In most ways on most days dogs are everything we human beings should be—excited to see our loved ones; always up for fun and play; forgiving; and great for just hanging out and being with our friends.  When I was about 9 or 10, we owned a cat for about 2 months, but our dog wasn’t a big fan and neither were my parents.  We found a neighbor who wanted the cat and never looked back.

I never had much interest in cats after that.  I’m an animal lover in general, so petting a neighbor’s cat and walking away was fine.  I just never had any real bonding experience with a cat—and frankly, their attitudes often reminded me too much of women.  Dogs were for guys.  Cats were for gals.

In the fall of 1998, Monkey found me.

I was a bachelor of 28.  Just me and my faithful bachelor dog, Bob (who will be 16 in July).  Bob and I had four years together at that point.  We had our routines and our styles down pat.  Everyone who knew me knew Bob.  We were that intertwined.  We were kind of like a tag team.  We were and still are the perfect buddies for each other.  But we were about to learn that there was room for more in our little gang.


How to Live a Meaningful Life

By Cliff Springs

Fifteen minutes of fame.  Or shame.  It doesn’t seem to matter which anymore.  Our society’s constant worship of celebrities and fascination with the freak du jour has fueled the seemingly insatiable need to get noticed—to be “somebody”.  Never mind that the “somebody” you may be is a laughingstock, a pervert, a criminal, a blowhard, or an idiot.  Just be “somebody”.

Two recent examples demonstrate the depths to which those in need of attention will stoop:  namely the “balloon boy” family and the White House party crashers.  For me, I find it interesting that these two sets of absurd fame-seekers 


God or Government? A Man-Made Deity

By Cliff Springs

God or government?  It’s a question that I think we as a nation must ask ourselves as we stand at the crossroads of decisions that will have historic impacts on the very nature of our country for a generation or more. 

Although I admittedly lean toward less government, I don’t hate government—I just believe that it functions most efficiently and effectively in a smaller form.  Lately, however, with the struggling economy and high unemployment it has become clear to me that many of our citizens view government (perhaps subconsciously) with reverence usually reserved for our Creator.  (more)

Don’t Screw Up Your Life, Part 1

By Cliff Springs

I read a very interesting statistic a few weeks ago.  In Bernard Goldberg’s book “Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right”, he quotes a pretty startling statistic:  if you 1) graduate high school, 2) don’t have kids until you’re married, and 3) don’t get married until you’re 20 then you have only an 8% chance of living in poverty.

Before I go any farther,  I must first declare that I am extremely hesitant to believe statistics that aren’t easily verifiable, and I will readily acknowledge that I haven’t made any real effort to validate that statistic.  But because it ties so perfectly into a belief system that has (more)

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Simpsons Quote of the Day

“You couldn’t fool your own mother on the foolingest day of your life with an electrified fooling machine!” — Homer Simpson

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